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Delaware County, Iowa - Weed Commissioner

Weed Commissioner

Weed Commissioner Duties

  • The weed commissioner is appointed by the Board of Supervisors.
  • His or her duties are described in Chapter 317 of the Code of Iowa.
  • Annually, the Delaware County Board of Supervisors has appointed the Delaware County Engineer as county weed commissioner.
  • The weed commissioner relies heavily on reports from the public of the location of noxious weeds and works to have them destroyed as quickly as possible.
  • The sections of the Iowa Code most applicable to the weed commissioner’s duties are shown below.
Chapter 317.3 of the Code of Iowa: Weed Commissioner
Chapter 317.4 of the Code of Iowa: Direction and Control
317.6 Entering land to destroy weeds - notice
317.10 Duty of owner or tenant

Address of Weed Commissioner's Office

Delaware County Engineer
2139 Highway 38
Manchester, IA 52057-8790

Monday - Friday 7:00 am - 3:30 pm (excluding holidays)
Phone number: (563) 927-3505  

Office Holder: Craig Davis

County Shop: (563) 927-3700
After hours calls: (563) 927-3135 or 911
Fax number: (563) 927-3102