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Boat Registration and Title Information

The Delaware County Recorder has the responsibility of registering and titling vessels of Delaware County residents and non-residents if the vessel is principally used in Delaware County. Boat registrations expire on April 30th, every three years starting in 2007. Boat fees are based on the length of the boat. All boats 17 feet and longer require a title (except canoes and kayaks).

Items needed when transferring a boat

State Sales Tax Information

  • Sales of boats and other watercraft in Iowa are subject to the state sales tax of 6 percent plus local option taxes, if any
  • This applies to sales by Individuals, as well as, dealers.
  • Anyone purchasing a boat from an individual should obtain a receipt that shows the cost of the boat.
  • The buyer will then pay the sales tax on the cost of the boat to the County Recorder.
  • If a trailer is purchased with the boat, the 5% motor vehicle use tax is paid to the County Treasurer.

     Boating Laws:

  • For state boating law information, call the Iowa Dept of Natural Resources at: (515) 281-5918 
  • For federal boating laws, call the U.S. Coast Guard’s Boating Safety Infoline at 1-800-368-5647.


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